Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

I've become to believe that along with a meteorology degree, you must also aquire a minor in drama.  Because of this, I rarely believe the local weatherperson when they say we are going to receive any substantial amount of snow.  Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when we woke up this morning to about 8 inches of snow!  Even more than they predicted last night!  I say "pleasantly" because a) we are not traveling this year for Christmas and b) I really do love playing in the snow. 

I waited for Rob to clear the driveway and sat by the window, like a little kid, waiting for him to wave me the kids outside.  I scurried around getting everyone geared up (and was very proud of myself for remembering bathroom trips for everyone), and finally Riley and I were the last ones out.  Riley wasn't sure what to think of the winter wonderland at first.  You can't see it, but she has socks on her hands, followed by Ellie's mittens.  We didn't prepare Riley well for winter.  Actually, her snow suit is on loan from a friend of mine.  I think it was intended for Ellie but it will be used for Riley this year. 

I didn't waste anytime jumping in the snow myself.  I debated on the best place to construct my fort (for the kids, of course).  Approximately 2 minutes after it's completion, Austin jumped on the top and caved it in.

 But, it still acted as a nice fort to surprise people as they walked by.  Like Mia.  Mia is the exact opposite of Austin when it comes to snow.  She doesn't like to touch it, doesn't like to step in it, and, in general, is just a little bit scared of it.  Rob, being the gentle giant that he is, threatened to throw a snowball at Mia and although she covered her fear with nervous laughter, you could tell she was not enjoying herself.

Ellie, being Ellie, was more interested in tasting the snow than playing in it.  We couldn't get her to keep her mitten on because it was easier to eat the snow with her bare hands.  She didn't last much longer than this photo was taken because her fingers were frozen.  But, this photo was taken about an hour into our adventure so she didn't do too bad.

Riley enjoyed her sleigh rides and following us all around, but after an hour or so, she was getting kind of bored, and probably cold.  She did like her high perch though.  A new view being taller than all the other kids.

Austin and I outlasted everyone and only came inside because our lunch was ready.  And, as I write this, he is begging me to go outside again!  Who am I to ruin this boys' Christmas Eve by declining?

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