Sunday, December 20, 2009

I can see clearly now....

You're suppose to sing that title.  I did as I was writing it.

This was a big weekend for me!  For the past 24 years I have worn glasses or contacts.  I am not positive on those dates, but I'm pretty sure it was around 1st or 2nd grade that I got my first pair of glasses.  My first pair of really huge, larger than my entire face, glasses.  They were pink on top and blue on the bottom and had a tiny picture of Smurfette on the outside corners.  Very chic!  Over the years the glasses got a tiny bit smaller in frame size and a tiny bit thicker in lense size.  Then contacts!  Yeah!  I never looked back.  I wore my contacts every day, without fail (except for an occasional pink eye) since 7th grade.  I even used to sleep in them....I know, not good.  Then I got disposable contacts and I would make my 6 month supply last a year....I know, not good.  But there was nothing I couldn't do with contacts.  Well, except for flip turns while lap swimming.  That would cause my contacts to roll back into my eye, rendering me blind and stopping my workout completely while I stood on the side of the pool fishing the contact out from underneath my eyelid.  No more flip turns.

My eyes were bad too.  I mean, really bad.  On more than one occasion one of my kids would cry out in the middle of the night and I'd run in their room to comfort them (not having put on my glasses) and after 5 minutes I'd realize that I was comforting a big lump of stuffed bunny under the blanket, and not my actual child.  I'm a great mother.

For those of you who wear contacts, my prescription was -7.75.  To some of you, that will mean nothing, but to the contact wearers, I'm guessing it's close to double what your prescription is.  I'm not great with photoshop, but this is the best I could come up wth.  Here are the shelves in our family room:

Here is how I would see them without glasses/contacts:

But, I am back to this:

Furthermore, I am now realizing that Riley is not represented on our "Family" shelves.  I'll have to remedy that.
On Friday afternoon I had Lasiks done on my eyes!  55 seconds in one eye, 52 seconds in the other.  I also would like to say that I hate when Doctors say "you're going to feel a little bit of pressure" and then they perform something akin to pulling your eyeball out of your head.  That, my friends, is not "pressure"...that is pain.  Call it what it is.  At least then I am prepared for it.

It was worth it though!  To wake up and immediately be able to see is an amazing thing!  My eyes are a bit bloodshot, but my left eye read the whole eye chart from top to bottom.  My right eye is lagging behind a bit and I could only sort of read the top line with this eye.  My Doctor said my right eye is exactly where he'd expect it to be for such an extreme correction, and my left eye is doing far better than he'd expect after only a day.  I can expect only greater vision to come!  My kids aren't going to know what to think when I actually rush in to rub their back instead of their stuffed animals.

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