Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hello sewing machine...long time no sew.

I purchased my first (and only) sewing machine shortly after Rob and I got married.  I bought it, for a steal, from my mom's friend, Sue Hecker.  Check out this picture.  That is just one picture of the millions of quilts she has made.  You can imagine the good juju that came with her machine.  I know it was capable of mighty things.  I made three baby quilts and one large queen size quilt (and that one might have taken me over 5 years to finish).  I've used it to sew waist tightening bands into Austin's pants before you could buy pants with them already installed.  I used it to sew a couple fleece baby blankets and one birthday boy t-shirt.  Sounds like a lot, but that was over the span of 9 years.  Mostly, this poor sewing machine has just occupied the floor of our basement.  As it turns out, you need skill in combination with good juju for great things to come from that machine.  I'm lacking in skill, and by now all the juju has certainly left.

Yesterday though, Yesterday I was inspired.  I was inspired by nothing but my own thriftiness.  You see, Austin loves to play outside in the snow.  LOVES it!  I bundle him up as much as possible but we don't have any scarfs for kids.  I thought I solved this dilemma by letting him use my skiing gaitor.  If you're not familiar with what this is, it's basically a fleece tube that you pull over your head.  It acts like a scarf without the cumbersome wrapping and tying.  This worked okay for Austin, but it was, afterall, made for an adult and not a child.  This made it a bit droopy, thus rendering it ineffective at keeping the cold off his neck.  No problem, I went to Target to buy one.  For $8 I walked away with what I needed.  Then I decided that was ridiculous and I called my mom to see if she had any leftover fleece scraps.  Being my mom, the answer was "Yes, what color?"

Forty minutes later, after my sewing machine and I became reaquainted, I had pounded out not one, but three of these bad boys!  I made Austin's and was ready to call it a day when I thought I might as well make one for Ellie too.  And, if I'm going to make one for Ellie, I might as well make one for Riley, right? 

This is the final product. 

This is also as close up as you are going to see them. 

I did some really fancy stitching that is the exact opposite of straight and it's almost impossible to replicate.  I'd hate to show off my technique and leave any other readers who sew feeling bad about themselves.

Now that the machine and I are friends again I was thinking about other projects I could create.  Then I remembered I have three kids and sewing projects aren't very practical these days.  Riley finds the sewing machine pedal fascinating.  When she figures out how to use the rest of the machine maybe she could give me a quick tutorial.

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Sue H said...

These gaitors are adorable and practical. What a good job -- and you made THREE! A plus!