Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Extravaganza

It's been a really long weekend.  Very enjoyable, but at the same time, it will be nice to get back into the swing of things around here.  But, here's the recap:

Christmas Eve

Rob and I decided that on Christmas Eve, while others enjoy turkey dinners, or fancy meals of any kind, our family will dine on pizza.  We didn't find this odd, in fact, we thought the opposite and that the pizza place would be busy with orders.  Turns out, they are not.  There was no wait and we are the only ones who have pizza party/movie nights on Christmas Eve.

Riley was very excited to be joining the big kids on the blankets.  We'll have to get her her very own tray table soon.

The pizza was delicious (as usual) and our movie was delightful so I highly recommend to the rest of the world that you ditch all that prep work and turkey dinner and order a pizza.

Christmas Morning

Ellie woke up at 5:45am.  Not because she was excited.  She didn't even know it was Christmas.  She just woke up and it was not a great way to start the day.  Austin wasn't too far behind, probably about 6:30.  Then we tortured the kids for about another 2 hours waiting for Riley to wake up.  Austin kept venturing to the stockings just to make sure they were doing okay and felt right.

I finally woke Riley up at 8:15 and brought her downstairs where I told Austin and Ellie they could open their stockings once Riley was "awake".  They immediately got in her face and smiled and cooed and if she gave them any reaction at all she was deemed "awake".

The stockings were ripped from their hooks (literally, Rob's was broken), and they found normal stocking stuffers like candy, small toys, and Star Wars underwear!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Riley from the day.  She, among a few other things, got candy in her stocking.  She has laffy taffy in one hand and jelly beans in the other and she is looking up at Rob like "are you're going to let me have these?"

From the stockings, it was off to the tree.  The presents were quickly seperated into piles.  Austin and Ellie had both memorized the presents by their wrapping and knew what belonged to whom.  We made a big effort to wait patiently for each to open a present.

So while Austin opened, Ellie had her next present ready to go.

While Ellie opened, Austin had his next present queued up.

Ellie summoned her inner Stevie Wonder while she waited.

Riley, still not ready to let go of her candy, played with some presents here and there.

After all the gifts were open, it was time to play.  Time to dress up like Cinderella.

Time to ride off into the sunset (or rise).

And time to put together Austin's million piece T-Rex Mountain.

Then we headed over the river and through the woods to Grandma's house.  In another post.

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