Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Concert #2 and Princesses

Austin had his second Christmas concert this past Sunday.  I know, you wouldn't know it was a different concert because he is wearing the exact same outfit.  He'll be wearing that exact same outfit on Christmas as well.  We'll get our money's worth out of that shirt and vest!  Which is funny because I'm pretty sure I didn't purchase either of them (Thanks Mom!)

Anyway, this concert was double the fun because my niece was also in it.  Although she is four now, when Sunday School started she was three.  So, Austin and Katelyn aren't in the exact same class, but their classes were joined together for the concert.  They did a fine job!  The church requested we not take pictures or video "in order to teach respect to our young children".  I thought that was odd but I complied.  At one point Austin turned into a saber tooth tiger and was looking fairly ferocious, but he turned back into Austin before the singing started.

Kelly brought her camera and captured this super cute group of kids before church started.  I don't think that was against the rules.

Five kids, four and under, and they are all looking at the camera and the majority are smiling.  Not bad.

And although the kids did a spectacular job, perhaps the best part was after church.  We headed back to Dan and Kelly's were they were serving brunch.  Kelly made menus for us to tick off all the items we would like on our omlettes, our side dishes, etc.  Dan and Rob did the majority of the cooking and the kids ran around playing.  I am going to suggest this becomes a regular event.  At their house.

I also realized that Ellie would probably much rather live with the Smith's than us.  She was in her element there.  She made fast friends with Bailey, their dog, and Spencer, their cat, and best of all, she found two other girls who loves princesses as much as she does.

We're looking forward to next Sunday!

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Sue H said...

The photo of the princesses is a HOOT! That would look great on a calendar...