Saturday, December 12, 2009

Are you Smarter than a Preschooler?

The kids and I hit up the library yesterday.  We try to go about once a week, but when it's bone chilling cold out, I'm a wimp and it's closer to once every three weeks.  Nonetheless, yesterday was our day.  The kids walk right in, fight over who gets to put our previously borrowed books into the slot and then they make their way to the kids section.  It's routine.  I like routine.

Austin has been bucking the system lately.  Instead of heading back to the child friendly (and parent friendly) section where books have a couple sentences per page, he now insists on going upstairs to the intimidating non-fiction section so he can check out a book on his lastest animal or dinosaur fascination.  Don't get me wrong, I encourage him learning all sorts of new information, but the books in the non-fiction section have chapters.  Chapters with lots and lots of words.  Furthermore, these are books he wants read to him before bedtime.  I don't allot enough time for chapter books prior to lights out.  It goes against my routine.

Time for a new routine.  Now Austin and I read these horribly long books while the girls are sleeping.  Our recent library trip ended with the checkout of this book:

Since yesterday, I've read it twice to Austin.  Which is twice more than I'd care to because I don't have any interest in dinosaurs.  Just to check his listening comprehension, and because while I'm busy reading he is busy running around the family room acting like a dinosaur, I thought I'd give him the quiz at the end of this horribly long book.  Here's some of the questions:

1)  Were the largest dinosaurs herbivores or carnivores?
2)  Name the smallest dinosaur found so far.
3)  What is the name given to people who study dinosaur fossils?
4)  What kinds of dinosaurs had hollow crests on their heads, which they may have blown through to make loud noises?
5)  There was a dinosaur with large, sharp and powerful teeth, what kind of dinosaur do you think it was?
Guess how many Austin got correct?  5.  Guess how many I got correct?  3.  I guess I better read it a couple more times and stop my whining.

And, for fun, here's one of his dinosaur impressions:

I showed him the picture and asked what kind of dinosaur he was being.  He replied "Well, I thought I was going to be a Tyrannosaurus, but it looks like I have too many fingers."  (fun fact, they only had 2 fingers).

I left the red-eye in for dramatic effect.  Kind of creepy, isn't he?

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