Saturday, November 14, 2009


I've been duped.

The kids had another secret meeting last night.  They are getting very tricky with their plans.  They are incorporating Riley.

Riley.  In all her baby cuteness.

Here's how it went down.

This morning Austin and I were discussing the days agenda, as usual.  He suggested, in his common cryptic way, that we should go someplace that has Lightning McQueen, has a lot of red, and has doors that open by themselves.  Since I've been trying to do most of my Target runs while he is in preschool, the poor boy is going through withdrawl.  And, because I'm an enabler, off to Target we went.

We followed our routine path through the store to arrive at the Toy department.  I don't mind hitting up the toy department on every single trip.  They enjoy it, it's a good time waster if I need it, and they never throw any sort of tantrums over not walking away with a treasure.  In fact, they never even ask.  Austin just drools over the latest and greatest thing he wants and then puts it back and says "I'll ask Santa for this".  Today, he found the illusive "beeping R2D2 that Jake has!" and when he was done looking at it, he hid it so no one else could buy it.  I swear, I did not teach him this technique. 

We continued on our path weaving through the aisle and the next thing I know, Riley, sitting in the cart seat, has a stuffed dog.  She not only has this super soft stuffed animal, she has practically fallen asleep on it.  When I asked her where she got the puppy, she popped up, strangled it in a hug, and said "Thank you!"

That's the moment I turned the cart around to retrieve R2D2 from his hiding place, and then lead Ellie down an appropriate aisle to pick out her toy.  It was only fair.  I was only rewarding polite behavior.  It's my job, as a parent, to use positive reinforcement.

Where is this adorable puppy now?

It was promptly forgotten on the floor within 5 minutes of arriving home.  These secret meetings have got to stop.

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