Friday, November 27, 2009

My holiday

I have a lot to be thankful.  Enough to fill a year's worth of blog posts. And I'll get to that later.  We had a lovely trip to Iowa to celebrate with Rob's family.  But is my holiday. 

Yes, Black Friday is a holiday in my book.

I scanned the ads in Iowa (good thing since my paper delivery person faild to deliver me the most important paper of the year) and immediately knew that Toys R' Us (TRU) was where I needed to be.  They opened at midnight and when all was said and done, my plan was to walk out of there with 5 gifts for under $58 (but that would retail for $120). 

Since I needed 5 items, I enlisted the help of my Black Friday partner in crime and her trusty sidekick (a.k.a. my mom and dad).  I picked them up around 11:15 and when we strode into the TRU parking lot slightly before midnight, we were shocked to see the line was about 100 yards long.  Then as we neared the "end" we were even more surprised to find out it was closer to 300 yards long.

Now, I love a deal more than most, but even I was not willing to stand in that nonsense for something I could just pay a bit more for any other day of the week.  I wasn't looking for ZhuZhu pets or XBox's or anything like that.  A rocking horse, light saber, movie, and medic kit topped my list.  Hardly "hot" items. 

My partner in crime had a backup plan though.  We would drive to the next closest TRU and by the time we got there, the line would be gone and we'd waltz in and find our treasures and go home triumphant.  However, upon arrival at the next TRU, we were further dejected when we were told this line wrapped around the building and ended 3 cities over.

We went home cursing Black Friday.  I set my alarm for 5am in hopes of snagging an online deal at Walmart and went to bed dreaming of the deals I left in the store. 

But, as the alarm roused me at 5am, things were looking up.  It was an alarm of good things to come.  I refreshed the computer screen where I left it and immediately snagged a present for Austin at 60% off.  Once the kids and Rob hit the gym, I hit the road and made my way back to TRU.  Confident the front of the store would be void of patrons, I parked the car and marched into the store stopping only once to ask for directions to the toys I was seeking.  I'm fairly certain is was this girl's first day except for her nametag told me a different story with 3 years of service stars.  She was useless and I was on my own.  I did manage to find one of the toys I was seeking.  A rocking horse, but I also found out why there were so many left.  Kind of a crappy little thing put together by someone with the dedication I witnessed from my first employee encounter.  Nothing else was left.

Saddened, but determined to find a deal, I went across the street to Target.  They never let me down.  And, if nothing else, Austin literally had no socks left because they get holes faster than I can buy them.  I was still armed with the one TRU ad I had swiped from Iowa.  Technically, Target is not suppose to price match doorbuster deals, but I thought I'd give it a shot.  I found every single toy I had been looking for and walked up to the service desk with my TRU ad in hand.  5 minutes later, I walked out with every single toy I wanted at over 50% off.

This is my holiday.

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