Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I can't keep up

Austin has always been a child who learns best when you use a story to teach him.  He listens so intently to stories that after only one time through, he has the majority of the story memorized.  For example, he has a Star Wars book of Droids that I picked up at a garage sale once for $0.25.  I bought it so that the kids would be entertained in the car while I hit up the next sale.  When we got home, I read that book to him, doing my best to pronounce all the obscure droid names, and later that night he was telling me the names of the droids on his own.

Now he is in preschool and everyday they have a bible story.  Like all stories, Austin listens intently and takes in every word.

The other day I was exiting the bathroom after taking a shower.  I had on my robe.  My robe is old.  It's from college, it's old, and it's navy, and it's old.  I wear it, at most, 3 steps from the bathroom, to my closet.  In those three steps Austin caught me.

A:  "Mom, your robe is boring."
M:  "Yes Austin, it's old."
A:  "Yep.  It's certainly not as coloful as Joseph's!"

And then he disappeared leaving me to wonder who Joseph was and why my son has seen this man in a robe.

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