Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Costumes and Chaos!

We had trouble keeping up this weekend!  The kids went to a great Halloween party on Saturday morning.  It was a little bit crazy with over 11 kids, the oldest of which was probably 5.  Ellie and Austin spent their time running from craft to craft and game to game.  Riley spent her time wandering around aimlessly trying to find her parents in the forest of legs. 

"Are you my mom?" - Riley

We did get this great picture of the family though.

Or, well, as great as it gets when you have 3 kids in costume that you want to look at the camera.

I took the girls home around 1pm for naps and Austin and Rob remained at the party.  When the Hawkeyes were done playing, Rob came home and left Austin there.  Around 3:30 I went back to finally retrieve Austin.  He had been at our neighbors house for over 5 hours!  It wasn't long before the kids were all in costume again and heading back over to our neighbors for dinner.  Then out the door to trick or treat. 

Riley and I hung back and handed out candy.  It dawned on me that I'm not sure I've ever had the chance to just hang out with Riley.  She's a pretty fun and funny little girl.  Also, a very cute Eeyore.

Austin LOVED his grizzly bear costume (made by my mom!) and Ellie sparkled as the Princess she was born to be.

Now we are drowning in candy.  I'm not complaining yet, but when we run out of chocolate, I might.

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