Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Funny sayings

This is going to be a very brief update.  But, tonight a couple things were uttered that, as a parent, you just want to remember.  This is the closest thing I have to a journal, so this is where I am going to record them.

My kids say a lot of cute and clever things.  I don't think I'm being a biased mother either;  I really do think they are clever.  Or, if not clever, at least entertaining.

Tonight we were all sitting around enjoying some dinner and we were talking about Rob's day and somehow got on the subject of "doing what we're good at".  Rob asked each of the kids "What about you?  What are going to do for a job?  What are you really good at?"  Austin thought about for a second and replied "I'm good at eating pizza!.....I'm really good at eating pizza with a fork!"  We like this idea.  We're going to work on how to capitalize on this notion.  Between Austin and Rob, I'm seeing dollar signs.

Story #2
During our normal post dinner capers, we were pretending to be various animals in the family room.  Austin walked in claiming he had "light brown fur, black eyes, and claws".  My guess was the obvious - Grizzly Bear.  Wrong.  He described himself again, exactly as he had before.  I guessed Grizzly Bear again.  Wrong again.  Then he told me he was a Meerkat.  And because Ellie likes to copy Austin most of the time she walked up shortly thereafter and said "Mom....I'm a Meerkat.  Meeeeoooow."

I'm telling ya....clever kids.

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