Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shark Mall

Austin is feeling much better.  Actually, I'd say around 5pm last night he was back in business.  However, at around 3pm I called his preschool teacher to say he'd be staying home since, at that time, he was still feeling pretty crummy.  Plus, I think they're suppose to be fever-free for 24 hours before they go back so, stay home he did.  Well, I guess we didn't technically stay home.  That's not my thing.  Yesterday just about broke me becuase I couldn't leave the house.  It was a beautiful day and we couldn't go out to play.

Today, we left the house.  We went to the Mall of America, or what Austin calls "the Shark Mall".  We differentiate malls by what is most memorable at each place.  The most exciting thing at Eden Prairie Center is the indoor playground so that is "the Play Mall".  The most terrifying thing at the Mall of America is the Underwater World shark mascot, hence "the Shark Mall".  When I say "terrifying", I'm not kidding.  That shark scares the crap out of Austin.  It brings him to tears.  And, because he feels that all large headed characters are in cahoots, he is also scared of the Bubba Gump Shrimp that walks around, the Dora Explorer that makes rare visits, and the Little Critter character we saw at the zoo.

This morning he must have been in the mood to confront his fears, because he choose the Shark Mall for our destination.  As scary as it is, that mall is also home to Toys R' Us and The Disney Store.

On the way to the mall though, Austin had an epiphany!  "Mom, maybe that standing up shark is really a person with a costume on?!  Maybe he is silly, not scary."  The skys opened, a sunbeam zeroed in on the car, and angels sang.  It was Austin's "ah-ha!" moment.

We didn't see the shark to test out his newfound comfort level.  We did pass the Shrimp and afterwards Austin was still next to me instead of 5 stores ahead, running for his life.  I think that is progress.

Can't you just see Ellie with pigtails someday?  Too bad that when you're 15 they aren't as cute as when you're 2.  I'm convinced that's the age she'll finally have enough hair to achieve this style.

On a side note, I'm fairly certain I could have left Ellie at the bar at the Rainforest Cafe and picked her up when she had pigtails and she would not have even noticed.  Mesmerizing!

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