Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

About three weeks ago Austin was suppose to have his first preschool field trip.  The class was all headed to Peter's Pumpkins.  A local pumpkin patch.  Only, on the day of the field trip it was pouring rain.  I figured it was cancelled but just to double check I called the preschool.  No one answered there and after several more attempts I opted to call Peter's Pumpkins instead. I was told the field trip was cancelled and would be rescheduled.  The next morning as Austin walked into preschool he said, in a crestfallen voice, "Oh man!  I can't believe our field trip was cancelled!" and I immediately noticed the teacher gave him a slightly odd look.  A look that didn't even register to Austin, but just enough of a grimace to cause me to lean in and whisper "It was cancelled, right?" and to my dismay, she shook her head no.  There were two preschools scheduled and Peter, or whoever answered the phone, didn't bother to ask which preschool I was calling about.  I was furious.  Yes, over a preschool field trip, I was furious.  How dare he, Peter, ruin my son's first field trip!  I was certain all the kids would be talking about it all day and Austin would be left out, and that he would be sad when I picked him up, and that he'd have to be given counseling to get over this traumatic experience.  Well, maybe not...but I was mad.  I vowed they would not get my future business.

But, well, Saturday was really nice and the next closest pumpkin patch was about 15 miles further down the road, and Austin never did care one bit about missing the field trip (or he still thinks no one went).  So, I buried my anger and the family went to the pumpkin patch.

This is the last we saw of Austin for awhile.  He took off running, obviously convinced that his perfect pumpkin was a 1/4 mile down the hill.

The girls and I searched high and low for the perfect pumpkins.

With a little help from Dad, Ellie was able to put her pumpkin in the wagon.  On a side note, Ellie does not call them pumpkins, but instead refers to them as "cute little Halloweens".

Riley and I continued the search for her pumpkin.  Look, she's so dedicated to searching she couldn't even be bothered to glance at the camera for a second lest she miss her pumpkin.

After sending out the search party for Austin, we finally convinced him that the 300 pumpkins he passed on his way, were all decent pumpkins and perhaps he could choose from those.  Here is Mr. Cheese and his sisters with their choices.

Two seconds after this photo was taken Austin hopped off the hay bale causing it to almost completely tip over with the girls still on top.  If it weren't for my cat-like reflexes, we would still be picking hay out of Ellie's "pretty". 
We decided that was a good time to wrap up the visit.  We paid for the pumpkins, plus two bags of popcorn, and piled in the car.  On the way to the car I kicked a giant hole in every pumpkin I saw.  Take that Peter!

(I'm kidding...they were just mental kicks)

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Anonymous said...

Things don't always work out as planned--but so upsetting when it might devastate your first child!! Sounds like he took it pretty well and you'll get over it, Mom, but probably will never forget it!! One for the memory book!!!
Love, Grandma Runmchey