Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Bad news.  We are not good pumpkin pickers.  We originally picked out three pumpkins.  When we went to buy them, they informed us one was "soft" and wouldn't make it.  We left it there.  Yesterday as I was bringing in the mail, a piece fell out of my hands and landed in Austin's pumpkin.  Apparently, it too was soft because it was a whole pumpkin until that mail fell and an envelope should not be able to pierce a pumpkin.  Down to one.  It too had rotting spots, but so be it.  It only needed to last one night.

Austin took a turn cleaning it out.

Ellie took a turn cleaning it out.

And then they turned their attention back to the TV and yours truly finished it up.

And this is what happens when Rob is in charge of the camera.


Austin had already decided on a "ghost face" for the pumpkin.  Here is the finished product:

More to come...

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