Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Sneak Peek

This morning the kids all got to wear their Halloween costumes for parties at Preschool (Austin) and Playworks (the girls).  Austin is a grizzly bear, Ellie is a princess, and Riley is Eeyore.  Ellie was ecstatic to learn that a grizzly bear sort of looks like the Beast.  She immediately decided she was "Belle" and Austin was the "Beast" and she requested several dances from him.  He complied....sort of.

I also included a clip of Austin last night when he was practicing his grizzly bear run.  And yes, at the end, he says "Mom, I scratched my butt with my claws!"  Boys.

I left off the finishing touches of their costumes today so I'll be sure to get some full costume pictures up on Halloween.

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