Monday, October 19, 2009

Ellie's first haircut!

I know what many of you are thinking....she barely has any hair.  And, that's true.  But, what she did have was kind of scraggly.  I was also hopeful that someone who knew what they were doing would be able to give it some sort of shape or style.  Or at least cut it so it would grow in nicer.

Ellie was not so eager to hop in the chair.  We went to Kids Hair and she wasn't too pleased that while her brother and sister played with all the "new" toys, she had to be confined to a chair and someone she didn't know was coming at her with a scissors.

Any notions I had about Ellie not being a really "girly" girl have been put aside.  The stylist let her hold a comb.  Ellie was insistant it was the pink comb.  The stylist let her choose a rubberband for her pony tail.  Ellie wanted the pink one.  When all was said and done, Ellie was given her choice of suckers...guess what color she wanted?  I might be in trouble here.

The whole cut took about 3 minutes and I was out $17.50.  I'm not sure any of my goals were met but it's not like the stylist had much to work with.  Instead, I walked out with a girl who now wants a "pretty" in her hair every day.

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Anonymous said...

Grandma Runchey thinks you did the right thing here. I remember being told by Kristin's hair dresser (when she was a year old) that this is what to do--and Kristin has beautiful hair now--wish Shelly and I did. I think Shelly's is coming around and mine, too, but I still wonder if I would have gotten hers cut at a younger age and if my Mom would've gotten mine cut--that we might have had more beautiful locks!! You did the right thing as far as Grandma Runchey is concerned. Maybe Ellie won't have to spend at least a half hour on her hair everyday as Grandma Runchey does!!