Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Wild Time

Austin has been a pill lately. A horrible, hard to swallow, pill. Boy do I love that little guy, but man oh man it's hard to like him lately. I'm just being honest. I know it's just a phase (Please God, let this just be a phase!!!) I've tried everything I can think of. Today I have decided that he is under stimulated. He's bored. I'm boring.

Because he is so bored, he has taken to crying. Nonstop crying. Whining. Tantrums. It's not pretty. I have found if I spend every waking moment entertaining him he is just fine. But, realistically....who has the time (or the creative energy) to spend every waking minute entertaining a 4 year old? I think my girls might protest such actions.

Therefore, I am trying to fill the last couple weeks of summer with fun activities. At least one fun activity per day. They don't need to be extremely fun or cost money, but just force myself to put a bit more creativity into each day.

Today, we ventured to Wild Rumpus. If you've never heard of it, it's a fantastic children's book store in Minneapolis. It's geared completely towards kids. Right down to the front door. See that purple door?

That is kid size. Austin and Ellie entered first, then I used the full size, boring black door to get Riley and myself inside. Once inside, you're greeted by all sorts of creatures. There is a lizard/iguana in there named Spike. There is a tarantula (which I didn't see in the cage so I was a little nervous), several birds, two ferrets, one chicken, two chinchillas, one rat, and 3 cats (all missing their tails). The ferrets, cats, and chicken all run free throughout the bookstore. This was fun and exciting until the ferret got a little too close to Ellie. Then the chicken came a'cluckin' and all bets were off. Ellie recovered quickly but Austin remained on guard.

Here's Austin in the "spooky shed" (where they keep all the scary stories) looking at the glass floor where the rat runs around.

My pics are a bit shaky because every time I tried to take a photo Riley would squirm in my arms and make the camera jiggle.

Now the girls are sleeping and Austin and I have just finished reading his new snake book for the 12th time. He is hard at work drawing all of the snakes while I type.

Tomorrow's adventure: Daytime camping.

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stl82 said...

Just one question- did you buy that book from the bottom of the pile where hopefully no free-running animal relieved himself? Other than that, it looks like a fun place.