Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jedi Training

I'm feeling fairly clever today.

Austin woke up first this morning and emerged from his room with his light saber clipped to his pants.  He told me he was Annikan. (I'm sure I'm spelling that, and all future Star Wars words wrong).  He sat on the couch for all of 3 minutes before he declared that Battle Droids were coming out of the fireplace and he jumped to his feet to fight them off.  They were no match for him.

Here's where my cleverness comes in.

I invented Jedi Training.  It goes like this:  I take three baloons and throw them up into the air repeatedly and Austin (er...Annikan) uses his light saber to knock them down.  As soon as he knocks them down, I throw them back up and so on.  It's slightly dangerous for me (and my furniture), but he sure had a good time!


We had to call the training off once the little Jedi-ettes were both awake.  Riley's "light saber dodging" reflex isn't quite up to Jedi training standards yet.

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