Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Family Picture time!

We just had Kerry take our family photos again! One of these years we will get all of the children to sit and look at the camera with normal smiles. Austin prefers to give us his cheesiest smile. Ellie just says "Cheeeeeeeese" over and over, but that leaves her with a scrunched up face, and Riley just looks at us like we're crazy. Which we are as we make all sorts of goofy noises behind Kerry trying to get any (or all) of them to smile. But, as I've mentioned before, Kerry is amazing and we walked away with some nice shots. Here they are:

Thanks Kerry!


Kerry said...


Carol said...

I love them all, they turned out so nice, we definitely have a great photographer in the family!


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful family and a good photographer. Hope that we'll be receiving one soon!!!!Love, Grandma R.