Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Breakfast Guest

Yesterday morning we had an early morning visitor. A hawk (of some sort...red tailed??) perched up on the swingset to enjoy a nice morning meal. We can't tell for sure, but my guess is it's a mouse. Although, when I zoomed in a bit on the computer, it sort of looked like it had frog legs. Both are prevalent around here.

The whole scene sent Austin into hysterics. When I finally calmed him down enough to understand him, I found out he thought the hawk was eating our rain gauge (also perched on the swingset). When I explained that was not the case and that our household would still be "in the know" about the days (nonexistent) rainfall, he calmed right down and enjoyed watching the bird.

Some of the neighbors near us might be against the large berm in their backyards. I have no beef with it. Easy for me to say since it's not actually in my backyard, but it's close enough. It gives us complete privacy from the back, and brings all sorts of wildlife into view. Coyotes, various hawks, a bald eagle, HUGE jackrabbits, feral cats (I'm okay with those never coming around again), and other little critters.

This hawk also cleaned up after himself so he's welcome back anytime.


The Pats said...

It is a Red Tailed hawk. Most likely it was eating a field mouse or a gopher. Not sure that frogs are on its diet. At least it wasn't another bird.


Sue H said...

Awesome pictures!