Tuesday, September 8, 2009

9 Years!

It's not about the kids today. It's about us!

Today is our 9th anniversary!

Have I mentioned yet how wonderful Rob is? Did you know that since my rant here, Rob has brought me coffee in bed almost every morning before he leaves for work (his idea). It is my signal that I have 15 minutes to wake up before I take command of the ship. He's also an awesome cook. I'm learning here and there, but he does about 70% of the cooking around here. And anyone who's seen him around the kids knows what a fantastic dad he is. I could go on for pages about how wonderful my husband is, but there is no need. It all boils down to the same thing. I love him and I think I'll keep him around for the next 90 years.

And of course, it is about the kids today, as they still need to eat and what not, but tonight....tonight as we celebrate by going out to eat by ourselves (Thanks Mom and Dad) and this Saturday, when we celebrate by staying downtown for the WHOLE day and night (Thanks Bob and Patti)...then it is about us.


The Pats said...

Happy Anniversary and many, many more (not sure about 90 though).

Sue H said...

Wow!!! It doesn't seem like nine years ago. Congratulations, and enjoy all your "couple time"...very important!

Anonymous said...

We're so proud of both of you and so happy you're so in love after 9 years and 3 children. God bless and keep all of you always.
We Love You All
So Much!!!!

Grandma & Grandpa R.

Lynne said...

Happy 9th Anniversary!! What a great picture of the two of you!

The Snyder Family said...

Happy Anniversary!!!