Friday, August 7, 2009

Viewer Discretion Advised

Well, it's not that bad. But, it broke my heart to see it.

Yesterday Austin and Ellie were upstairs playing. They were actually playing nice and laughing instead of fighting. It was fantastic. The unusual sound (laughter instead of screaming) was a nice change. Then another unusual, but distinguishable sound came down the stairs. It was the loud thump of something hitting a door. I flew up the stairs to find Ellie crying. Sort of. Her face was contorted into the shape of a crying childs', but no sound was coming out. In other words, she was crying so hard, she wasn't able to cry. The only sound I heard was Austin saying "I already said I'm sorry." I swooped her up and continued to watch the bulge on her forehead grow. It was amazing how fast it grew. Then I ran downstairs wondering if I should take her to the doctor. In 10 more minutes she was slightly calm and the bump on her head seemed to be done growing.
In another 10 minutes she was dancing to the Backyardigans. This morning, the bump has decreased significantly and the whole experience seems to be a distant memory to Ellie.
I guess her two year pictures will be put off another month.


Meggan said...

Ouch!!!! Poor Ellie! That girl is tough!

Kelley and Gary said...

OMG, there is always something isn't there?