Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Try it out on the neighbors first

Tonight is National Night Out. In our neighborhood, that means that we shut down the street with barricades, a police car visits, a firetruck visits, we bring food for the food shelves, the kids run around and play games to win prizes, and we bring a treat to share. It started at 6:30. At 4pm I remembered that last bit about bringing a treat. At 5pm the kids and I got home from Target with the ingredients to make said treat.
A normal mom in my position would buy a box of pre-made cookies and try to pass them off as her own on a paper plate. Instead, I was inspired by another blog I read, and I decided to make little pies on sticks. Lollipies...or Pie Pops. You pick. "Bakerella" (where I got the idea) used different sorts of fruits. They looked delicious. But, no matter how they looked, I'm not a big fan of cooked fruit so I went with something I thought could never go wrong. Snickers. A Snickers candy bar makes just about everything better.

The result?

They were cute. They were definitely easy. They were fun to eat. But, taste-wise. A bit dry. Perhaps I'll have to try again with fruit. I'll just serve the snickers on the side.

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Jane said...

I need to share my snickers cookie recipe with you, basically a peanut butter cookie wrapped around a mini snickers bar - you'll love it!