Monday, August 31, 2009

State Fair!

I love the state fair. Always have, always will. For some reason I had the silly notion that I could skip it this year. I mean, it truly is the exact same thing year after year. I've memorized where certain booths are, I recognize the people selling a lot of the gimmicks. I thought I could probably do without the fair this year.

But then I came to my senses. Friday was our day to go. My parents watched the kids all day (and all night!) and Rob and I were at the fair by noon. Just in time for lunch. I know that there are all sorts of reasons why we should bring our kids with us. Attractions like "Bob's Snake Zoo" and "Dinosaur World" are right up Austin's alley. But this:

This is why we do not bring the kids with us. Someday we will take them, but they need to be able to:

a) walk for long distances without complaining
b) be completely capable of going to the bathroom on their own
c) feed themselves
d) listen completely

If it weren't for d) I'd say maybe at the age of 6 would be okay, but I think that last stipulation will put us well into the teenage years and by then they'll be too cool to hang out with their parents. So, I guess we're off the hook there.

I digress. The fair. This year, to shake things up a bit, we each decided to try something new. First up was Rob. He gave the "Reuben on a Stick" a shot.

The results were only, in Rob's words,"okay". Actually, he didn't even finish it so I'm going to go ahead and say it was not good.

While he was eating that, I plowed through some fried pickles with cream cheese in the middle. Not something new for me, but delicious nonetheless.

YUM! We'll definitely be trying to recreate these at home.

It was my turn to try something new. I didn't have any ideas of what that might be until we walked past the MN Winery stand. Bingo!

I know, kind of a wussy "new" thing, but it was new this year, and delicious so I like to think of myself as smart. (As a side note, the "Car Apple Run" wine from Spicer, MN was my favorite of the 3). We ran into the Murphy's at Famous Dave's and they were generous enough to let me try a "Pig Licker" of theirs. Chocolate covered bacon! I liked it. I don't think I could eat a whole cup full, but the one I tried went down just fine.

We were there for over 6 hours and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. I'm glad I came to my senses and made the annual trip.

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