Thursday, August 13, 2009

Riley's Birthday Bash

I'm only about a week behind. No biggie.

Last Saturday was Riley's 1st birthday party! I showed you the cute invite my sister made and some might be wondering "why watermelon"? And, the answer is fairly random. I bought the ribbon for her banner in some colors I thought were cute together. Then I realized they matched a shirt that Riley has. Furthermore, it reminded me of watermelon. Watermelon is a fun summery item, and she is a summer baby. Hence, a watermelon first birthday party. I'm nothing, if not logically random.

In case you don't remember, last Saturday was one of those 90 degree days. The majority of Riley's party occurred indoors for that very reason. Unfortunate since Rob and I spent our free time that week making Baggo boards (Rob) and bean bags (me). We did entice a few people outdoors to brave the humidity and play a few games. Mostly Taylor, Dave, and Lynne (who were in town for a mini family vacation). Taylor is one to be reckoned with in a Baggo tournament.

But, back to the birthday girl!

She was anxious to try her cake!

The inside looked like a watermelon too!

And after the cake and ice cream (which she ate nicely so there is no messy cake picture) it was on to presents. There were plenty of cousins and siblings willing to help her open the presents. I'm not sure they even gave her a chance (ahem...Austin).
Riley told me later that day it was her best birthday yet.
And so the Runchey family wraps up birthday season. Austin says it is time to start planning his "Grizzly Bear Birthday Party". I'll get right on that.

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