Monday, August 10, 2009


This past weekend, Grandma and Grandpa Runchey were up to celebrate Riley's birthday with us (more on that later). Grandma always has her bag of tricks with her and this weekend was no exception. The surprise this time was a kickboard for Austin (Spiderman) and one for Ellie (Little Mermaid). We haven't been to a big enough pool yet to use them as intended but Ellie and Austin have still been playing with them. Using them as skateboards (they are really slippery on the carpet), etc. This morning during Riley's nap I was using the opportunity of one less kid to log into my work email and check on some items. That is when I heard, from the stairwell, "Okay Ellie, this is your side, and this is my side. Let's race! Ready...Set..." and in the nick of time, I rounded the corner and yelled "STOP!"

They were both laying on their kickboards, head first, ready to slide on their belly's down the staircase.

This afternoon we filled up the pool and I think it's probably best if we store the kickboards outside.

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Abbie and Mike said...

Hilarious! Good thing you have mom hearing and reflexes!