Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Poor Austin

Earlier this week I had my camera in hand and thought that I would go outside and experiment with it. The goal was to see if I could figure out what some of the numerous functions could do for me and my limited photo taking skills. When I stepped out onto the deck, this is what I saw:

The poor little guy had no one to play with. Now that he skips naptime most days and the girls still thoroughly enjoy (and need) one, and his wonderful mom still needs (and enjoys) at least an hour without kids, Austin is responsible for entertaining himself for a bit in the afternoon. He usually does a great job. But this day just wasn't his day.

He just sat there for a while. Probably having a conversation with himself. He's always thinking, that little guy.

Oh, busted. He saw me up there taking his picture, and still he looks sad.

Something must really be troubling him...

Maybe it's the fact that he is bored out of his mind and all his mom can do is take pictures.

Okay, enough is enough. Something needed to be done. Shortly after that last shot we went to the sandbox and successfully built and demolished three sand castles, buried all his animals (no small feat), found all his animals (even harder), practiced pumping on the swings, worked on somersaults, discussed what a cartwheel is, opted instead to try headstands, and finished with a dip in the water table to clean off our feet before going inside to get the girls. Never did learn much about the camera.

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