Monday, August 3, 2009


This past weekend Rob and I invited all the surrounding neighbors to our house for a Fiesta. There were many reasons for the party.

1) We wanted and needed to get to know the people around us better. After all, someday, my kids might be invited over for a sleepover and I want to know the parents who will be in charge.

2) I've become a tiny bit obsessed with party planning lately. Probably due to the summer birthdays in the house.

3) Rob found a recipe for Carnitas and wanted to give it a shot.

And so, a Fiesta it is.

The results were great!
1) Turns out we live next door to some nice people who I won't be worried at all to leave my kids with someday. The kids had a blast running around like crazy and for the one millionth time I would like to say how much I love our new fence. At 11pm, when you can no longer see your children, you at least know they are in the confines of your yard.

2) I had a good time decorating and preparing for the party. If only I had unlimited funds. After some calculations (and great clearance sales), I believe the decorations for this party, which were subtle, but there, were right around $15. A lot of it can be used again this Saturday for Riley's birthday party. The food table would have looked awesome if it weren't for the 4 ugly crockpots (sorry Mom and Kerry...thanks for letting me use them). Why must all crock pots have weird designs on the outside?

3) Rob's Carnitas recipe is perfect! It was sought after by everyone. Darn close to Chipotle's carnitas in case you're a fan. We just need to figure out their rice, and then we will never need to dine there again.
My favorite part was the fried ice cream. I have had it every night since the party. The kids had a great time with the pinata I made. It definitely was not the prettiest pinata, but it served it's purpose. All the kids took a few swings and finally Chelsea was able to break the candy free. McKenzie, on the other hand, took a home run swing at it and nearly knocked my head off. Ellie, standing right in front of me, was about an inch short of being taken out.

One more party left and then I think our party season comes to a close in this house. Want a sneak peak? Kerry made this for us to send out:


Kerry said...

Super Cute! I think your deck-or-ations (ha!) turned out awesome! I didn't know you made a pinata, Martha!! We shall keep that in mind!

The Pats said...


What are Carnitas? Haven't heard of them before.


Tracy said...

It's a type of shredded pork. Chipotle serves them in burritos and fajitas. Delicious!