Monday, August 17, 2009

Deliciously Sweet

We all have our favorites around this house. The items that we would do just about anything for. Anything snickers related ranks fairly high on my list. Austin will turn from devil to angel if you mention the opportunity for him to enjoy some "water pop" (Sprite). Candy, no specifics, sends Ellie into a fit of giggles. Riley is still trying to figure her favorites out. Rob enjoys whipped cream. I've always been more of a cool whip girl myself, but for Rob, it's whipped cream.

It's always been a bit of a problem in our relationship because if we are planning on splitting a dessert I would prefer it not have the mountain of white on it. We have gone so far, several times, as to ask the server to put whipped cream on just half the dessert. We get the occasional odd looks, but it works.

This past weekend, Rob led the girls to the dark side. It wasn't a fair fight because we didn't have any Cool Whip in the house with which to do battle. Austin was strong, and was not interested in his Dad's antics. The girls....they are weak.

And Riley just may have decided upon a favorite. I suppose that is fine though. The way she bounced up and down, hyper for the next mouthful, gleeful with laughter...that was a deliciously sweet sound.

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