Monday, July 20, 2009

Zoo - Trip 249

We hit the zoo again yesterday. The kids and I just went there last Thursday, but it looked like a nice morning and the kids love the zoo, so why not? As usual, Austin had specific instructions on which exhibits we should go to. We started with the "cold area with animals". It took me awhile to figure this one out, but he was referring to the Minnesota Trail. The last time we went to that area, it was January, and cold. From there it was off to the Snow Monkeys. Once we deemed them lazy and boring to watch, we headed toward the Grizzly Coast. However, we had a bit of a detour because the zoo just completed a brand new Adventure Park.

This park is quite something. Ellie, Austin, and I checked it out while Riley and Rob checked out a nearby bench. I think the kids could spend an hour in there alone, but be warned parents: There are numerous small openings that kids fit in far better than adults. It took Ellie and myself about 10 minutes to descend through a tree trunk together, and then I was asked to go back in to help another child who's mother was claustrophobic. By the time I was out (again), Austin was long gone on another adventure. We found him climbing the spider web.

After we finally made it to the Grizzly Bears, we had to stop to play at the sand box. Austin LOVES this sand box because it reminds him of the "Great Elephant Graveyard" from the Lion King, which is his current favorite thing to play. It really isn't that big of a stretch.

Movie version:

Zoo version:

We left about 75% of the zoo unexplored yesterday. That's the beauty of having a membership there. We're already looking forward to visit #250.

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