Friday, July 31, 2009

Young Love

Austin has been skipping naps lately. He takes one every few days. This has been giving him more time to drive me crazy hang out with his friend Mia. Given the opportunity, these two would spend every waking moment together. Austin has always said that Mia is his "girlfriend" but I just figured he meant she was his friend and she was a girl. As opposed to Cole, who is his boy friend. Apparently he means what he says though. Chrissy (Mia's mom) told me that Mia has been running around the house saying "Austin is my boyfriend". Chrissy took it a step further than I thought to do and said "What does that mean, Mia?" and Mia's response was " means I love Austin!"

How can you blame her....what's not to love?

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Kerry said...

And so it begins....