Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Have you ever seen a cuter cowgirl?
I doubt it. Potty training has been going well (all 1.5 days of it) and I had to get out of the house to run to Michael's to pick up some items for Austin's birthday party. Ellie was fairly insistent that she was NOT going potty before we left. So be it. She wore that thick underwear, the plastic over-underwear stuff, and this cute dress. Of course, halfway there I heard the infamous plea for a "Potty!" I figured that was more likely an "I just went potty" rather than an "I have to go potty" so I just told her to hold on and we'd be there soon. My mom was with so she watched Riley and Austin while Ellie and I ran to the back of the store (of course) to use the bathroom. To my surprise, she was dry AND went potty. Awesome!!!
She tried this hat on and it was too cute to pass up (especially when Grandma is with). Maybe it will take the place of Buzz? After one more trip to Michael's bathroom, it was homeward bound and we arrived back with one dry cowgirl. Hurray!

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The Snyder Family said...

Yesh Ellie!!!! I am impressed!!! Tracy...you are a potty training expert!!!