Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Unhappy Box

I was so excited after the garage sale to have emptied out all those tupperware boxes full of toys. I was left with empty tupperware boxes. However, I have implemented a new system in our house, effective immediately, that will take care of one empty box.

It is called the "Unhappy Box"....until I can come up with a catchier name (ideas are welcome). Play time at our house has taken a turn for the worse lately. Austin will be playing happily with his toys. Ellie will find a toy to play with and sooner or later Austin notices it is his toy. Not one he was playing with, but his nonetheless. He cries and tries to grab it. Seeing this irritate her brother, Ellie then eggs him on by claiming "Mine!" which does indeed send Austin into hysterics. It continues and eventually ends with Ellie trying (and usually succeeding) in hitting Austin. There are variations in the story, but it ends the same: Austin's crying, Ellie's crying, Riley is wondering what kind of family she was born into. It's good times.

I'm very tired of the whole non-sharing vibe in this house. I have now come up with a simple solution. If anyone fights over a toy, it goes into my cute little unhappy box. It stays there until naptime and no one gets to play with it. At naptime I will put all the toys back in the community toy box and start over. If anyone cries over it (note: fake crying is also very popular around here) then they can sit in their room and either play by themselves or come down when the waterworks are over.
We'll see how this works. My guess is I will get sick of this big box sitting around before any sort of lesson is learned.

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