Monday, July 27, 2009

To Milwaukee and back

This past weekend, Rob was gone on what is becoming an annual Father/Sons getaway to watch the Braves play a few games of ball. Last year was out to D.C., this year was a bit closer to home in Milwaukee. I wasn't there so I asked Rob to summarize it. Here is, word for word, what he said (he's sitting in the other room as I type):

"Game on Friday night, game on Saturday night, at the bar in the hotel on Friday night we sat next to a guy who was a huge UNI fan and knew who Bill was [Rob's uncle, who now lives in Australia but was a bit of a basketball star once upon a time at UNI]. Saturday we got up and drove around for about an hour trying to find a restaurant for breakfast. Found one downtown, went to the brewery tour [Sprecker], drank all the pop I could, went downtown to Lake Michigan, walked around, back to the hotel to get ready for the game, went to the game. The Braves Lost. They won the first one."

I bet you are all glad now that I write this blog!

He took the camera, but left the memory card, so there are limited pictures, but they did get a nice shot of the group.
And just in case anyone was feeling bad for me...don't. (I doubt anyone was to begin with), Rob did not come back empty handed. He imported one of my favorite and increasingly difficult to locate treats.

The only place in Shakopee these can currently be located is the Junior High vending machine. I think I would look a bit creepy going into the school to buy candy so I've gone without. My Junior High source is now in High School. I'll probably be down to two boxes by the time I publish this blog.


Kerry said...

Perhaps Rob should invest in a Braves shirt...just to fit in.

Anonymous said...

I know two places where you can get Gobstoppers! I'll start stocking them in my pantry for you.

Tracy said...

Chewy? Not the yellow has to be the purple box. Do tell!