Saturday, July 18, 2009


Rob and I recently started something new so that we could each get out of the house and do things without feeling guilty for leaving the other one to fend for themselves (and the kids). He gets Tuesday and I get Thursday. The person doesn't have to stick around for dinner, they are free to go when Rob gets home from work, or I guess in Rob's case, he is free the minute he leaves work. I can't speak for Rob, but I am really enjoying this system. There was only one flaw...we never really got to go out together.

Thanks to my parents, problem solved. I called them early last week to see if they could take our kids after naptime so that I could cook Rob an adult meal and that we could enjoy in the peace and quiet of our home. They obliged and even one upped me. They offered to take the kids over night! After I stopped dancing in excitement, I cooly accepted the offer.

Thursday arrived and Rob asked what I was doing that night. I told him I had plans to go to a movie and asked if he could be home a little earlier. Then over naptime Austin and I started making everything. The menu: Pineapple glazed tilapia, buttercup squash, terryaki wild rice, and for dessert, individual cherry and raspberry cobblers. Austin was mostly responsible for tasting the sugar to make sure it was sweet enough.

We were going to hit Canterbury Park for some horse racing afterwards, but it was pretty cold out so we opted for a movie instead.

It was a fantastic night! Thanks Mom and Dad!

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