Friday, July 10, 2009

Piece de resistance!

With Austin's birthday party tomorrow I'm planning all sorts of fun activities for his friends. I'm having fun with this dinosaur theme! First, I made the shirt. That is actually something I've wanted to make for awhile, so that wasn't that big of a deal. Then I googled cakes and found just what I was looking for!

Well, that's not exactly how it looked online, but for my first attempt at a cake that is not the shape of a rectangle, I'm pretty proud. My toughest critics have already praised my work so that is enough for me. Austin told me his dinosaur cake "looks pretty cool". Ellie said "Wow!" and Riley said "Ahhhhhh!!!" (which translates to "Mom - that's the best dinosaur cake I've ever seen!") Those remarks are both a great compliment, and my biggest fear right now. The cake is drawing too much attention and I'm afraid if I leave them alone with it, they will try to get a closer look....with their mouths.
Off to go make some dinosaur eggs....

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