Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Need a New System

My ideal morning goes a bit like this:

I would wake up on my own terms. Either because my body naturally wakes up, or because I set the alarm for a certain time that I wanted to wake up. I'd amble down the stairs and have some semblance of breakfast and I would eat it all without talking or being talked to.

I mean, if we want to talk fairy tales, the time would be 8am that I woke up and the breakfast would be Caribou Coffee and donuts...but I'm not trying to be picky here.

My real life morning goes a bit like this:

Between 4 and 5 am Riley wakes up. She can typically be fed and put back to bed. Then my body, startled awake, tries to fall back into a slumber state. It is unsuccessful until about about 6am. At 6am I hit a hard sleep again. At 6:30 Ellie wakes up. Rob will take that one, but at some point he has to go to work (pesky job) and I'm up no later than 6:45. I go downstairs where I'm bombarded with constant "Mom!" pleas. Ellie doesn't have anything she wants to tell me, but thinks it's great to yell "Mom!" 16 times per minute (I actually counted). Austin is down by 7am and does not stop talking until 13 hours later. Riley scoots into the picture from wherever she was hanging out and pleads for me to hold her.

I don't like to talk when I wake up. Never have. I want at least 15 minutes to sit in a chair with my breakfast and a computer to check email and read headlines. After those 15 minutes I am fully awake and at that point I would consider myself a "morning person" ready to attack the day. Therefore, I need a new system. I'm not sure what to give up. Do I just stay awake after Riley wakes up? I could put her back to bed and hang out downstairs and prepare for the day, but that means I'm up at 4:30am everyday. Not cool. Do I go back to bed and set an alarm for 6am so, in essence, I will never truly go back to sleep, but will rest after putting Riley back to bed? Or, do I continue as usual, but purchase some noise cancelling headphones to block out the morning soundtrack of the house?

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Kelley and Gary said...

Do what I do, I tell the kids, if they are up before 7, they have to quietly watch PBS Kids, while I sleep. Once you try it a few times, you'll sleep right through all the racket!