Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lockdown - Day 1

Can you guess what we are finally doing?

Potty training. Ellie has been mentioning the potty (with very little consistency) for the last 4 months or so. She has even done the deed in her potty chair a handful of times. I always had a reason to put it off though. Trips here or there, the garage sale, waiting for summer, etc. Just about any excuse I could think of, I used. I know that I need to jump on board her enthusiasm train and get it done so today was Day 1 of seriously potty training Ellie. No diapers, no pull ups; just me, Ellie, and the potty. Oh, and a bottle of carpet cleaner, a pile of rags, and a bowl full of treats. And I can't forget a curious 11 month old. She adds a new dimension to the mix.
The worst part of this for me is not leaving the house for at least a week while Ellie gets the hang of things. I really don't like using Pull-ups. I remember going through this with Austin and he pretty much just saw them as a cool diaper and would treat them as such. However, I'm sure by the end of the week I'll be whistling a different tune.

Day 1 went far better than I expected. There were only two accidents and far more successes!

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Sue H said...

Tracy, I love your posts and your view of things. "Lockdown" -- PERFECT. And this made me laugh: "She has even done the deed in her potty chair A HANDFUL OF TIMES"...You brighten my day!