Thursday, July 30, 2009

An interesting outing

Yesterday Austin had swimming lessons. It's always a bit of a rush to get through dinner and get to lessons. Yesterday was no exception. I think he had to leave a few fish sticks on his plate. (I know, dinner of champions).

The lesson went well, and afterwards I was drying him off and asking if he had fun. Just then his teacher walked by laughing and said that as they were nearing the end of the lesson, and each student was suppose to jump off the diving board, Austin sat in the back shivering while each kid trepidly walked to the end of the board and hesitated for 3 minutes until a teacher would finally walk down the board and just drop them into the water. After 3 students Austin yelled "Hurry up guys, I want to get home to finish my fish sticks!" Priorities.

What he didn't know was grocery shopping was next, not fish sticks. While we were in the dairy section I parked Austin next to the butter so I could dart across the busy aisle and grab some milk. As I looked to the right, the burliest, meanest looking guy ever started coming down the aisle. I'm guessing his motorcycle gang was just waiting for him outside. As he got closer to Austin the congestion in the aisle got worse but everyone was doing their best to stay out of this guys way. Undeterred, Austin looked him in the eye and said "Hey, watch out for our cart!" A hush fell over the aisle and I darted back over and said "Austin, be polite to this nice, distinguished man" (or something to that affect).

Having finally collected all our goodies, we were waiting in the checkout lane when Austin, always the observant boy, said "Wow, look at that big boy". Figuring there was just a tall kid behind me I stole a glance. Nope, "big boy" was an understatement. He was probably 6 years old and about a buck fifty. He was also 5 feet away, clearly in hearing range. So, I quietly told Austin to keep comments like that to himself. Austin's retort? "Mom, I'm just saying, he's a big boy!"

Thinking that this crazy trip was almost over I was packing up the groceries wondering if I could get out of there without further incident. As I was packing the last bag, Austin yelled to no one in particular (and I mean YELLED!), "Excuse me guys! 'Member when my mom and dad got married?!" it was the event of the year and he felt like chatting about it over a (root)beer. I didn't stick around to see if there were any offers. For all I knew the Hell's Angels guy was probably still in the store and just might have taken him up on it.


Lynne said...

Tracy- I am reading this right now and laughing because I have had a few trips out in public with my kids that reminded me of your lovely night! What would we do without our little angels? They sure make every day a new adventure!

Sheri said...

Oh Tracy, this just took me back about twenty years!! I'm glad the big scary guy kept on a goin! I love Austin's honesty. It seems like no matter what happens to the little guy, he's definitely honest about his feelings.