Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth Celebration

We had a pretty great 4th of July weekend! We headed to West Bend on Friday afternoon. We always leave at naptime in hopes of the kids taking their naps en route. It doesn't always work for Austin these days, but we can usually count on the girls falling asleep...unless Austin is watching The Lion King and bursts out in a high pitched laughter. Lesson learned - mellow DVDs in the car from now on.

There's plenty of activity in West Bend on the 4th, but our family's highlights were the parade, the carnival, the jump castle, huge blow up slides, bingo (okay, maybe that was just a personal favorite), the park, swimming (private pool hours since we're in good with the manager - Thanks Patti), hanging out with cousins, tractor rides, fireworks, and when asked, Austin's favorite part was his first birthday celebration!

Austin's least favorite part would definitely be the parade. It started out high on his list because, come on, who doesn't love a parade. Especially when they are throwing handfuls of candy at you. He was scurrying around like a madman picking every piece of candy he could find. I think he was enjoying himself quite a bit until he ventured a little bit too far into the street. You could tell he was trying to hurry because he knew he shouldn't be out that far and both Rob and I yelled his name to get his attention. About, 2 seconds after that, a firetruck just happened to honk it's very loud horn (not at Austin) and that scared him to pieces. He came running back in tears and cried quite a bit. But, the parade people kept throwing candy at him, probably in an effort to cheer him up. Only Austin wanted nothing to do with it. He kept yelling "Sorry! No Thank you! No more candy, sorry!" I'm sure they couldn't hear anything and just saw a boy who was yelling something to them and assumed he was asking for candy, so they would throw some more. Vicious cycle. Austin ended up like this for the rest of the parade:

Ellie, on the other hand, she loved every second of it. Especially when her competition was safely in the arms of Dad. She danced, she picked up candy, she got a bracelet, necklace, and a beach ball. Life is good.

Riley enjoyed the parade from her new backpack carrier. She didn't get any candy or jewelry, but she did get her fill of people watching, which she enjoys.

Here's a slideshow compilation from the weekend to save me the time of sorting through all the pictures for my favorites.


Anonymous said...


What kind of camera do you have for taking the very nice pictures? Does it have manual adjustments for shutter speed etc.? Really enjoy your blog an all the pictures.

Patrick Murphy

Tracy said...

It's an Olympus Stylus 1010.
For the most part it's a point and shoot, but you can manually adjust some things. And it comes with manual setting for various situations (behind glass, nighttime, bright background, etc). Glad you're enjoying the blog!