Sunday, July 12, 2009

A break from the weekend

This weekend has been a lot of fun, but it has also been one of those weekends that you end a bit more tired than you started.

Friday we kicked off the weekend by grilling out and inviting the neighbors over for a bonfire. At 10pm we remembered our children and put them to bed. At 11:45 pm, the bonfire turned into a movie screening of "Old School". All Rob needed was a little prompting from one neighbor who slightly suggested he bust out the movie screen. He disappeared for 10 minutes and emerged with the outdoor theater (Dad, I don't know if you'll ever get your wagon back, it's proved very useful at our house!). We didn't need to worry about how loud it was because all the surrounding neighbors were with us.

Obviously, the picture above does not do the movie's picture quality any justice. The movie really is quite a sharp picture. But, the picture above does give you an idea of the set up Rob has.

Knowing that the next day was Austin's birthday party, and knowing that meant preparing for 16 people to eat and have fun (10 of them kids), I left the inaugural movie viewing at midnight. Only to be awoken by Ellie a few hours later.

Saturday morning we ran around the house like crazy getting everything ready for the guests that arrived at 10:30. It was a busy morning, but the party was a lot of fun (another blog post to come). Everyone left around 1pm and we put the girls down for naps. I'm including myself in the "girls" column. In fact, I was probably the first to fall asleep. Rob and Austin entertained themselves.

Saturday night we invited the neighbors back for a full feature movie. We intended to watch Wall-E with the kids but, after hanging out with our incredibly crabby son, we decided he was in no shape to stay up late another night. Instead, all the kids went to sleep and the adults watched Kingpin. Another late night, and another early morning. I'm happy to report that all the kids are currently napping and gearing up for Maddie's birthday party this afternoon. Party after party! That's how we Runchey's roll.

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