Monday, July 13, 2009

Birthday Celebration - Part 4

Saturday marked Austin's birthday party for his friends. This is the party that we've been planning for what seems like a long time, but really was probably only a month. And by "we", I mean "I". Austin was good for coming up with the initial theme (dinosaurs), but his only other contribution was asking me 600 times a day if his friends were coming over for his party yet.

The guests arrived at 10:30 and were given their choice of dinosaur tattoos. Once everyone was present and accounted for, it was outside for the only activity I had planned. A dinosaur hunt. But not your average hunt. There were four little dinosaurs for each kid, all in different places. There was one dinosaur frozen in ice (and floating in the water table), there were 2 sepearate dinosaur nests with dinosaur eggs (a cool little craft found here), and then one more dinosaur hidden in the sand that the kids had to dig out. Once the hunt was over and the dinos were all extracted from the eggs, most of the kids retreated to either the swingset or the water table. Most of the parents hung out on the deck and enjoyed one of the most beautiful days (weather-wise) we have had this summer.

Then it was on presents and lunch. Dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and dinosaur shaped PB&Js, chips, and juice boxes for the kids. Perhaps the most peaceful time of the party for us adults. It seems all the kids worked up an appetite during the hunt and wanted to eat and not talk. We finished up with the previously mentioned cake.

A fairly "Dino-mite" party! (You knew that was coming....)

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