Sunday, July 19, 2009

10 days later...

We have finally stopped celebrating Austin's birthday. Yesterday was his last hurrah! We had the family over for pizza, cake, and ice cream. Around 11am, I realized that in order to have cake I would need to make one. Austin was wondering if the dinosaur should be blue this time. I informed him, that there was only one dinosaur cake, and it was gone. This time we would just make a circle cake and draw a dinosaur on it.

Pretty? Nope, but it was tasty.

We had a pretty fun night playing some lawn games while the kids tested out the new sandbox.

Every once in awhile, during a game of ladder golf, Mike would toss a baseball to Jake who was ready with the bat. I'm not sure when the transition occurred, but before we knew it, we had a game of baseball going on in our backyard. The rules were a little sketchy. For example, I'm pretty sure MLB doesn't allow you to peg the runner with the ball to get him/her "out". But, in backyard baseball, that is fair game. There were some fairly amazing "outs" made from across the yard. As well as some fairly acrobatic dodging by runners. A few too many "home run" (over the fence) hits forced us to reevaluate which direction home plate should be. I'm sure Jake enjoyed the climbing, but it caused too many delay of games.

I'm pretty sure we have the rules squared away now. The deck is an automatic ground rule double, catching a ball that bounces off the house is still an "out", hitting the ball over the house or the small section of fence is a homerun, the runner gets one base on an overthrow, and throwing the ball at a runner is still legal simply because it's fun.

I'll keep you posted on when our next game is scheduled. Seating is limited so reserve your seats early.

Oh, and Happy Final Birthday Austin!

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