Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Fence is done!

It's been a very busy time around our house. After Ellie's birthday Rob and I pretty much didn't see each other for a week. Every day when he got home from work, he went to work on the fence and I went to work on the garage sale. I asked Rob to have the fence done in time for the sale so the kids could play in the backyard with minimal supervising. Well, with the huge help of Mike, they were able to complete the project. My dad and brother also came to help a couple days. Thanks so much to all of them! I am LOVING our new fence. So are Austin and Ellie because they are now able to go play outside a lot more. Instead of bombarding the blog with pictures, I just put them in a slideshow and you can check them out if you want. I think the guys did an awesome job. It was worth the wait!

Rob is going to work on the landscaping this weekend a bit, and then we plan on putting some raspberries and a raised bed garden on the north side of our fence where we had to come 10 feet in to follow the easement restrictions. Hopefully someday soon, our kids will be reunited with their dad in the evenings! But, he's doing such great work that I'm sure I can come up with something else for him to tackle.

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