Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not without her hat

Perhaps you have noticed in past pictures that there are very few places we go without our hats. Austin doesn't think he can step outside without his Lightning McQueen hat. It's just part of his routine. He puts on his shoes and grabs his hat. Always trying to follow in her brother's footsteps, Ellie has adopted the Buzz Lightyear hat (originally gifted to Austin from his cousin Jake) as her own. She too rarely leaves the house without it on. I have tried numerous times to entice her with a more girly hat that might actually match some of her outfits, but she politely (yeah right) declines by throwing it on the floor and all but stomping on it.

Yesterday Ellie found a new hat in Daddy's closet. She quickly claimed this as her hat too and spent the whole morning and afternoon wearing it.

A little large, but that didn't stop her. We went everywhere with it that morning. She was wearing a cute little pink dress, and then this hat. Classy.

Riley is quickly picking up on how things work around here.


Sheri said...

A KU hat?? That's where Ashley starts school in August. Maybe we can find a girly KU hat! I must say that they are adorable little girls though, hats and all!

Tracy said...

Yep, KU. Rob's sister went there for medical school, plus I think Rob just likes the colors. Ellie now has the hat, Riley has a sweatshirt, and Austin outgrew all his paraphernalia. Maybe we'll have to send Ashley some money to pick out some new duds for Austin.

Sheri said...

We were there last week for a couple days for her orientation and registration. Very pretty campus. I'll tell Ash to keep her eye on the clearance rack. I think some JayHawk feet slippers would be the best!