Friday, June 26, 2009

Must they all?

I feel like for three years I have been picking up a pile of books 3 times a day. As soon as Austin could scoot, he made his way to the book shelf and made it a habit of taking off every single book on there. Ellie followed suit and still makes a mess once in awhile (and now that I think about it, so does Austin). Riley has been scooting around for a month or so and hasn't shown the slightest interest in the book area. Until this week.

She wanted to get a closer look.

She was only slightly deterred when they started falling on her.

Reaching up there to feel it out and see if it is worth her effort to pull herself up again.

And on that note, I think I hear paper tearing and from where I'm sitting I can see two of the three; our new bookworm is not one of them. Gotta run!

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