Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cute anyway

In an effort to keep things running smoothly around here, I'm trying to get more organized. This involves effort in many areas, but my main focus lately has been clothes. I noticed, while cleaning out for the garage sale, that there are some brand new outfits in some of the closets that no longer will fit any of the kids. Either they were the wrong size for the season or they just got buried in the generous stash from friends and family. One item has been sitting in Riley's closet since she was born. Only, this one I am well aware of. It sits front in center on her shelf and I take it out every month at least to try it on her.

My sister took up knitting shortly before Riley was born and gave this to her to welcome her into the world that, in our area, was going to be turning chilly very shortly. This past week, it finally fit!

Riley was all smiles this time when we tried this on. I figure that is for one of three reasons:

1) It finally fits and I'm done forcing her to sit still so I she can try it on

2) It's so comfortable and cute she can't help but smile

3) "Mom is hilarious because it is currently 95 degrees out and I'm wearing a sweater and hat"

Maybe all of the above.


Kerry said...

Geez! Was I OFF the mark on that one! It was sized for 6 months!!! But she's a cutie...we already knew that though!

Abbie and Mike said...

I love it! What an adorable little set, and you have the picture how of cute she is in it...