Friday, May 15, 2009

Our new technology addition

The kids and I zipped into Best Buy yesterday post gym/pre lunch (and more importantly pre-nap). I told the first person I saw that I knew exactly what I wanted and would like to grab it and go. He was very helpful. I told the second person my name, Austin's name, Austin's age, and finally that I just wanted to get the computer and get out of there. I told the third person which computer I wanted, same with the fourth person. Finally, the fifth person was able to deliver the computer to me. Though not without first telling me that they didn't have one. They had an "optimized" computer. Meaning that Geek Squad had started it up, checked it out, gotten rid of all the free trial software and what not, and tweaked some things to make it run faster. At least that is what I was told. It was an extra $70 or something. I suggested that they sell me that computer for the original price. Salesmen #5 wasn't sure if he could do that so I then suggested he consult with someone who did. Long story short, my pleasant demeanor and possibly the chaos my three children were creating got us a good deal on the computer. I figured they really wanted us out of the store because I wasn't even offered any sort of Warranty add-on that Best Buy is notorious for trying to sell you with everything you buy.

Here it is. I'll be spending the next couple naptimes trying to get everything installed on this thing.

I will be back to posting about the lovely children we have soon!


Anonymous said...


What kind is it and did it come with Vista? Look forward to hearing more about it.


Tracy said...

It did come with Vista (which I'm trying to learn). It's an HP. Model #dv5-1235dx

So far I like it. Although, I haven't done much with it yet. Most of the software I have is not compatible with Vista so that's been a pain to figure out. But the computer itself is nice!