Thursday, May 7, 2009

A mean streak

Austin, on a regular basis, freaks out about something obscure. He has cried for 30 minutes straight because Ellie ate a piece of paper the size of my pinky fingernail. He has never gotten viscious about it though. This morning our conversation went like this:

(Austin at the window)
A: Mom! That bird is eating our seeds!!! (I think he's referring to the little dirt things in our yard after Rob aerated the lawn)

M: (distracted by Riley) Mmmm, yummy. Those lucky birds

A: Mom, make them stop, I don't want them to eat the seeds!

M: Austin, they are birds, they need to eat something, it's no big deal

A: Mom I want you to go out there and say "Stop it birdies! Stop it right now!"

M: Austin, they are birds. It's okay, we have plenty of seeds

A: No Mom, you need to go out there. Let's throw something at them. I want to throw a piece of garbage at them! It won't hurt them, but it will make them go away!

M: ????

Where does he come up with these things. Who throws garbage at birds? I assure you he didn't learn that at our house...unless there is something Rob wants to confess.


Kerry said...

Perhaps he's still fixated on the trauma of me throwing Ellie's floor food in the garbage a couple days ago...

Jane said...

That's better than when Barrett tells me to throw her in the garbage. What is that about?