Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hurray for bubbles!

Rob left yesterday for his brother's graduation (Congratulations Jon!). I'm not sure why weekend days are so much harder for me to get through on my own than weekday days. Nonetheless, they are. I've been trying to keep us busy so as not to go crazy. After nap time yesterday we played outside, we went for a walk, we rented a movie, and made a fort. Today we got donuts, talked to the donut lady for 15 minutes about our giraffe (okay, he probably only talked for 5 minutes), returned said movie, went to Lowe's to look at the flowers and then Austin had a great idea (Thank God! ). He suggested we blow bubbles!

I sent the kids to the deck and prepared all our bubble paraphernalia. There is a lot of it. After watching Austin and Ellie fight over the bubble gun, I see more in our future.

Riley was not sure what to think about all this craziness. She has had a fever for the last day or two so she hasn't been in the best spirits and the bubbles popping on her face were not helping her attitude.
She came around to it.
They probably would have sat out there for an hour or more, but the fun had to end because we ran out of bubbles. I tried a couple times to make our own "sauce" but dish soap and water didn't work as well. I forsee another store outing tonight. More bubbles and an excuse to get out of the house! We might even end up going right around dinner time. I wouldn't want the kids to starve because they have to wait for me to cook something when we get back, so I also see a trip to McDonalds in our future. Only their best interests in mind.

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